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DF Capital works in partnership with its customers

Our lending products are flexible, straightforward and provided by experts.

DF Capital is a specialist lender which builds relationships with manufacturers and provides working capital solutions up and down supply chains. We help businesses drive their growth with flexible finance products which allow them to match their cash cycle to the lending term.


We offer unit specific finance that allow businesses to stock, show or demonstrate new and used inventory to customers.

  • Repayment linked to the sale of product, supported with manageable repayments which improves your working capital.
  • Repayment is normally either in full upon sale, or staggered over the period until day 720.
  • There can be multiple drawdowns at any one time under a facility.
  • Helps to prepare for seasonal demand of stock.
  • Normally revolving facilities are >£100,000 in size. We will look at provision of facilities between £30,000 to £25m, depending on the structure involved.
  • DFC typically looks to set a revolving facility, with you in control of each drawdown request.

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We truly believe that everyone is different and are keen to understand our customers’ specific needs.

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