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Meet the DF Capital Team – Paul Evans, Industry Leader – Motorbikes and ATVs

What you do?

I provide motorbike and all-terrain vehicle customers with unique distribution facilities from manufacturer programs to new or used stocking facilities. I help manufacturers, distributors and dealers to grow their business, improve their cashflow, and maximise profit opportunities.

How long have you been at DF Capital?

Three and a half years.

How are you helping customers at the moment?

Most recently, I’ve been helping my dealer customers release funds from existing stock and with general cashflow.  I have also been working with manufacturers and distributors to grow their dealer networks, and sales opportunities post COVID.

Why do you work at DF Capital?

It’s refreshing to work for a company that tries to say yes to its customers.  We’re leading the industry in this way.  I feel I have great input and therefore a greater impact that I had in previous jobs.  I can put my own stamp on my role.

What was your first job?

Building canoes.  I used to canoe for Wales (slalom) and my sponsor gave me a job when I was 17.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

I would first and foremost help my friends and family and then buy the boat that I’ve always promised myself.  And even though it sounds unbelievable, I think I would carry on working!

What is the last picture/photo you took?

My seven-year-old son dressed up as an elf – he was wearing his sister’s high heels…