DF Capital

DF Capital – a dynamic partner for the Harris Group as it expands and evolves its business

In the last year, DF Capital has provided significant facilities for the MAXUS Dealer Network, operated by the Harris Maxus a member of the Harris Group of Companies, enabling the business to grow further and get its industry-leading fleet of electric vans out to a larger audience.

The Harris Group is a leading importer and distributor of commercial vehicles for the construction, distribution and mass transportation industries. Founded in 1961, it has a firm focus on technological innovation and the next generation of clean, sustainable motoring. Range, reliability, versatility, and quality customer service are at the heart of the brand, making it a firm favourite with business owners and fleet managers across the UK.

As the sole distributor for the MAXUS range of vehicles in the UK and right-hand drive markets in Europe – both diesel and electric models – Harris Group delivers a significant number of vehicles every week to an extensive network of dealers. Assisting in the growth of the business, DF Capital developed MAXUS’ inventory financing “floor plan” to meet the dealers’ requirements on a daily basis.

Mark Barrett, General Manager, Harris MAXUS commented: “DF Capital is the exclusive supply chain funder for MAXUS assets – both diesel and electric – across our dealer network. Dan and his team work tirelessly to ensure dealers’ needs are understood and met. This is particularly important at a time when all eyes are on cashflow and there is a need to manage risk and monitor our capital outlay. DF Capital approaches business differently to other finance companies offering a more hands approach. Harris MAXUS and DF Capital have created a strong relationship, built on trust and support. We look forward to developing that partnership further as we move forward into a new era of motoring.”

Dan Savage, Managing Director Commercial Assets at DF Capital, said: “The Harris Group has become a powerhouse in the commercial vehicle sector over the past number of years. The launch of the eDeliver 9 and eDeliver 3 in the UK and right-hand drive markets across Europe has only heightened its status as a market leader. Now is the time for businesses to invest in electric vehicles and MAXUS is paving the way for commercial vehicle drivers and buyers who want to make the switch. Not only is the company forward-thinking when it comes to the environment, but it also has an unrivalled reputation for exceptional customer service. Harris and MAXUS have gone from strength to strength and it’s great to think that we’ve played a part in the company’s growth. DF Capital and Harris MAXUS have grown up together – it’s a story of mutual support all the way along.”